Valla 19

Introducing the brand new Valla 19 from Manitex Valla, with a 1,990 lbs capacity. We have units available for rent or sale throughout North America. 

Valla Manitex - USA

Manitex Valla is the world leader in mobile industrial cranes, an industry that has always worked with complex innovation technology. Manitex Valla offers a full range of mobile cranes from 2 to 90 tons, using electric, diesel, and hybrid power options. Its cranes offer wheeled or tracked, fixed or swing boom configurations, with dozens of special applications designed specifically to meet the needs of its customers.



Manitex Valla serves the construction, aerospace, MRO, automotive, manufacturing, plant maintenance, rigging and industrial contracting industries


Products range from 2.5 tonne to 40 tonne capacities and are electric, diesel or hybrid powered.


Manitex Valla provides parts and services to our customers in North America.


Manitex Valla is part of the PM GROUP which is a division of Manitex International.