Pick & Carry Cranes

Pick and Carry cranes are always facing load for stability and max capacity, compact footprint and high turning radius enables work within the same area as carry deck, and better for heavier loads (indoor or outdoor).

Engineering Benefits:

  • Ultra Compact
    • Excels in tight industrial spaces
    • Fixed boom picks dynamic load with minimum overhead clearance
    • Small footprint with no outriggers
  • Ultra Maneuverable
    • Rear-wheel minimum radius power steering
    • Simulates slewing boom
  • Ultra Safe
    • Low center of gravity provides stability while lifting, driving
    • Can drive with max load
  • Ultra Clean
    • All models fully electric
    • Zero Emissions
  • Ultra Strong
    • Pre-formed welded steel boom
  • Ultra Precise
    • Electronic boom controls with hydraulic telescoping provide smooth, continuous motion
    • Extremely fine load movement control
    • Pinpoint accuracy when space is limited or target is small
    • Maximum load stability while boom in motion

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