Glass Manipulator

The new manipulators from Manitex Valla allow you to move and place these high value items with ease and precision. Featuring a 360 degree continuous rotation, 35 degree slew to each side and 120 degree tilting, lifting options are virtually limitless.

Featuring a self contained battery. Requires no special attachments on the crane. All of the vacuum and manipulation is done using the onboard 24V quick replacement battery. Battery life is dependent on use, manufacturer projects between 8-12 hours.

Retrofittable to previous generation Valla 19 & Valla 25

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Working Load Limit Flat glass: 1,320 lbs (8 suction pads w/ Ø 12” pads)
Convex curved glasses: 990 lbs (12 suction pads with Ø 11” pads)
Concave curved glasses: 1,320 lbs (12 suction pads with Ø 11” pads)
Manipulator Weight Approx: 320 lbs with suction frame for flat glass panels 8 suction pads
Approx: 375 lbs with suction frame for curved glass panes 12 suction pads
Lifting/Lowering Attachment to the head of Valla 19/25 Series with Rigid Connection Plate
Continous 360°
Tilt: 0 – 120°
Swivel: ±35°
Suction Pads 8 pcs. Ø 12” or 12 pcs. Ø 11”. Available with Flat or Curved Glass Frame
Vacuum Generation Vacuum Pump
Energy Supply Self Contained Power, No external hook-ups required. 24V onboard battery
Operation Radio remote control