Performance at a glance

Lifting Capacity 2.25 t / 4,950 lb
Overall Width 37″ in
Gross Weight 4,400 lbs
The Valla 25EL pick and carry crane is one of the most popular machines in the Valla product line. It has an impressive 2.25 tonnes maximum lifting capacity, but is still compact enough to work in even the tightest spaces.

These mini cranes are designed to be operated with ease in confined spaces, allowing them to operate flexibly to carry out a wide range of lifting tasks, for example in a large factory where machinery needs to be moved regularly, or vehicles loaded and unloaded.

They are also ideal for use in combination with a range of glass lifting attachments, such as glass vacuum lifters, to carry out glass installation tasks effectively and safely, making them among the most versatile machines in our mini-crane rental fleet. Valla 25EL pick and carry cranes are electric powered, with long-lasting batteries, which means they are emission free, so ideal for indoor lifting projects.

Like all Valla mini cranes they are fitted with 3B6 digital load monitoring systems, for safe and efficient lifting.

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